Milton Keynes Jamee Masjid

Staff Members

IMAMS & Teachers of MKJM. CLICK HERE to find out information about our resident Imams and Teachers.

MKJM Head of Education. Brother Abu Talib. The MKJM Commitee decide that this brother should be the head of education of the masjid as he is currently a teacher at the local Secondary School. (Leon School & Sports College) he is a well known and also was a student at the MKJM. he is well known buy the local community, students and parents. We believe the Masjid and the students will gain a lot of benefit from his experiance.

MKJM Commitee Members. CLICK HERE to find out who the commitee members are.

MKJM Contributions Collectors. These brothers go out to collect the weekly contributions from the local community households come rain or shine, may Allah grant them Jannah. CLICK HERE to find out who the donations collecter in your area.